Bravo Thru Transom Water Fitting FAQ | Link to Kit

Why am I getting no water to my engine?

Normally, the problem would be that the impeller has failed. But if you find that your pump is in good working order, then the hose routed through the transom is likely clogged and it is a good time to use this kit.

What causes the thru hose to clog?

Over time, corrosion will build up around the thru fitting on the back side of the transom plate. The corrosion wedges between the hose and the transom plate slowly crimping off the water supply to the engine. 

How do I fix this problem?

Simple, we at Aftermarket Marine had designed a new transom thru fitting made of stainless steel that bolts in place of the original fitting. With this new fitting, the corrosion wont be able to crimp the hose, therefore giving your engine the proper water supply it needs. 

How do I install this kit?

Install is quite easy actually. Simply remove the old hose out of the transom assembly. It may be easier to cut the hose rather than using the tool to uninstall the old corroded plastic fittings. Once the hose has been removed, from the inside of the boat, fish the new hose with the already connected fitting thru the transom. Then bolt down the hose from the water pump and the new fitting to the transom. Finally, Insert the old style plastic fitting to the bell housing assembly using the supplied tool.

Does this kit affect the existing hardware in my boat?

No, our kit requires you to do zero modification to your existing hardware.