Bravo Gen 7 Seawater Pump FAQ | Link to Kit

Why does my pump has grooves/gouges on the brass housing?
Gen 7 pumps are known for this problem. Over time, sand or debris collects and is drug between the impeller and the housing. This result in the grooves you are seeing. When this happens, your pump will begin to lose pressure or fail to pump any amount of water at all.

Why won't my pump suck water or why is there low pressure from my pump?

Once sand had grooved your soft brass housings, the pump will no longer be able to create a suction of water, or maybe only able to create a slight pressure. This will in turn cause high operating temperatures or overheating. Failure to correct this problem could become very costly.

When should I replace/rebuild my pump?

The simple answer is now. Weather your pump is new, or already gouged, it is recommended to install our kit. It is only a matter of time before a new pump will no longer create a vacuum of water. Our kit works to prevent your pump from further damage. 

How do I install this kit?

Install is quite easy actually. Simply remove your pump from the motor and brackets. Then unbolt and split the two halves of the pump, exposing the impeller. Remove the impeller next. Then drop in the small oval wear plate to the bottom of the pump, and slip in the new impeller. Finally, add the large wear plate and rubber gasket and bolt everything back together.

Does this kit affect the mounting of the brackets?

No, unlike other kits on the market, our kit requires you to do zero modification to your existing brackets.

If my impeller needs to be replaced again, do I need to repurchase this whole kit?

No, if you have previously installed the full repair kit, we offer a replacement impeller kit IM8623. However, if the wear plates need replacing, you will need to purchase the full kit.

Can I use a standard gen 7 impeller to rebuild my pump with your 496 repair kit?

No, our impellers are specially made to work with our kit. Our impellers are designed to be shorter to compensate for the thickness of the wear plate below the impeller. The use of our kit and a standard size impeller will result in the impeller not sitting flush with the top of the housing.