How Aftermarket Marine Came to Be!

    Aftermarket Marine (formerly Kellett Marine) began in 1968 as a New Orleans based marine machine shop servicing to inboard shaft and propeller repairs. Since then, Aftermarket has grown to the third largest distributor to MercCruiser Engine Parts in the world. We carry everything from tune up kits to complete engine packages. We also have many repair kits only offered by Aftermarket Marine, which makes us your one stop shop. Those kits include the famous Bravo Generation 7 Sea Water Pump Kit which has put thousands of customer back on the water when their standard MerCruiser pumps just we rent doing their job, and also the Bravo Thru Transom Water Fittings which have solved may boaters overheating and corrosion problems. 

    Here at Aftermarket Marine, we strive to provide customers with the latest and greatest repair parts that are user friendly. And we cut out the middle man dealer and sell to you directly to provide you the lowest possible prices on all of your repair parts. So give us a try and see why thousands of customers use us as their primary repair parts dealer!